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  • Process Orders
  • Update Inventory
  • Handle Fulfillment
  • Notify Customers

We process millions of tasks every month.

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Eliminate hours of busy work and focus on marketing and sales so you can grow your revenue.

Save Time

Save Money

Reduce money spent on patchwork software and clumsy spreadsheets

Reduce Error

Avoid data errors that can cost you both money and customers

Increase Flexibility

Set rules to determine which items appear in which marketplaces with which margins

Increase Visibility

Get your products in front of more customers and increase your sales

Increase Control

Control each product's channel listing, pricing strategy & inventory management

ChannelApe connects your customers, suppliers and sales channels together so all order processing, inventory updates and fulfillment can be handled automatically.  You set the rules, then ChannelApe automatically updates prices, removes discontinued products, tells customers when to expect their shipments, and much more.

My revenue is up 200%! My inventory is 'spot on', and no more cancelled orders and lost sales.

Dr. Megan Horan

Grow Revenue

Offer new product lines on or with a single click using Apps

Increase Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy with order updates and no more out-of-stock items

I achieved ROI within the first few weeks!  
We no longer have to dedicate time to managing inventory

James Asmussen

How much does it cost?

Use only what you need to succeed.  Costs are based on the number of daily updates and transactions you need to run your store and reach your customers your way.  See our pricing page for details, or call us to discuss and we’ll be happy to give you a precise cost estimate.

How do I get started?

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2. Add Connections

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3. Set Your Rules

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4. Unleash the Ape

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What are the benefits?

You sit back and let ChannelApe take over the tedious but necessary work of processing customer orders, handling fulfillment, updating inventory and prices, and keeping your customers up-to-date at all times.  Stop wasting hours with spreadsheets and get back to the important work of growing your business!  Using ChannelApe, our customers see amazing benefits, like 200% increase in revenue within the first 3 months!

Can I customize the daily management?

Yes, with ChannelApe’s recipes you can combine triggers (When my supplier updates inventory...) and actions (Update Shopify inventory.) to accomplish exactly what you need, when you need it.  Your business, your rules.

Got Questions Like These?

How does ChannelApe help with shipping?

Once we have a custom integration setup with your supplier, you can send an order to them in just a few seconds. Open the order, select the supplier and shipping method (if available from supplier) and fulfill. That is it! Even your customer gets updated without any more action from you!

Can I cancel at any time?

You bet.  You’re in control at all times.  If you’re not bananas for ChannelApe within the first 90 days, simply let us know and we’ll cancel your account.

How have other customers succeed with ChannelApe?

We’re proud of our customers’ success.  And we know you’ll join them too.  Click here to read some of our outstanding success stories.

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